Blocked Drains

blocked drains sydneyOften with the drains at your home or business, you won't realise there is a problem present until too late and your drain inside or outside becomes blocked. Unfortunately the biggest problem with having a blocked drain is that it can cause further damage adding to the inconvenience.

If left unattended a blocked drain can cause flooding in kitchens, bathrooms indoors and outdoors from stormwater drains. In the worst case scenario it can flood into your overflow release gulley where your toilet waste will end up. Apart from the scenario having of flooding inside or outside, you will more than likely also lose the use of your toilet, shower and bathroom sinks, laundry sinks and kitchen sinks throughout your house or building.

Needless to say there are enough reasons for calling a professional plumbing company like Expert Plumbing Services at the first signs of a blocked drain.

Common Causes

Common causes of indoor blocked drains in the bathroom are when non-toilet paper objects are flushed and consequently stuck partially or completely blocking the line. In the case of showers, when not using a mesh cover hair or other debris can gather and block water flow down the pipe. In the kitchen, when avoiding the use of a sieve that covers the sinkhole, food and rubbish often finds its way easier than not into the kitchen pipes and has a high likely hood over time of blocking the kitchen pipes/drain. The laundry sink can be blocked in the same manner, by any non-water (liquid) travelling down through the pipeline.

Causes of blocked outdoor drains (storm water and sewer) include the infamous and most persistent of them all: root intrusions. Root intrusions can easily occur when large tree roots cross over with older sewer lines that haven’t been re-lined properly.

Signs that you may have a drain blockage/problem:

  •    Loss of pressure/slow draining in toilets, showers, baths, and sinks.
  •    Hearing gurgling sounds from any of the above.
  •    Foul odour from any of the above or drains immediately around and outside your home.
  •    Unusual water level when flushing (higher than usual)
  •    Water pooling around your property

An easy rule of thumb is don’t put anything except for water and non-toxic detergents (we are environmentally conscious!) down any sink or drain. Depending on their size and density, non-liquids may not suddenly block your drain but they can cause build up that over time will cause a blocked drain.

How we unblock drains

Each drain is different even if it's in the same home or building. This is why we come up with an individual action plan specifically tailored to your drain, followed by recommendations for the most efficient and effective method of unblocking it. This case by base approach helps to limit any further inconvenience to you, your home or business, as well as ensuring that the drain is unblocked with one visit.

At Expert Plumbing Solutions in Sydney, we have over 60 years of experience inspecting, assessing and unblocking all types of drains and drainage issues. No matter how big or small the property or job our experienced team will quickly unblock any kitchen, bathroom, laundry sinks as well as toilets, sewer lines and even stormwater drains.

Our team of experienced plumbers are armed with cameras and the latest technology to make sure we pinpoint exactly where any damage or blockages are and plan the most efficient and effective way of rectifying them.

At Expert Plumbing Services our plumbers utilise a range of machinery to assist and hasten the drain repair and unblockage processes in order to ensure that your drain is properly unblocked.